First Bell 429 Helicopter for EMS Service Arrived in China

First Bell 429 helicopter arrived in China

First Bell 429 helicopter arrived in China

Bell Helicopter and Air method’s subsidiary United Rotorcraft has delivered one unit of Bell 429 helicopter to Reignwood Investment, representing its first EMS service in China.

“We are proud to partner with United Rotorcraft to deliver the first HEMS Bell 429 to our friends at Reignwood,” Patrick Moulay, executive vice president in commercial sales and marketing of Bell Helicopter, said.

“There is a critical need for HEMS in China and we are honored Reignwood has selected the Bell 429 to assist in life-saving missions.”

According to Helicopter Investor, United Rotorcraft installed a medical interior including a machined aluminum floor, additional crew seating configurations, and product improvements for patient care and access. It also has a rescue hoist and other program-specific support equipment.


“This delivery and Civil Aviation Authority of China validation for the medical interior represents a two-year effort to bring our product into China and we are delighted to be working with Bell Helicopter and entering this new market segment,” Frank Graham, United Rotorcraft’s senior director of global sales and marketing, said.

The Bell 429 is the only light twin-engine helicopter available on the market with true two-liter capability. It has enough room to accommodate two medical attendants and two crew members as well as the extra-large 60-inch side doors. It also offers exceptional flight performance, boasting of a fully integrated glass cockpit, advanced drive system, and the best-in-class SBAS navigation and instrument flight rules capability.

The Bell 429 is the first helicopter to receive an MSG-3 process certification, resulting in a lowered maintenance costs for operators.

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