New Russian BMPT variant displayed in Syria

Russian officers show Assad the BMPT at Humaymim Air Base.

Russian officers show Assad the BMPT at Humaymim Air Base.

A previously unseen version of the UralVagonZavod (UVZ) BMPT tank support combat vehicle was displayed for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad when he visited the main Russian airbase in his country on 27 June.

The original BMPT Terminator was developed for the Russian Army to protect its main battle tanks (MBTs) in urban warfare operations by suppressing threats like dismounted anti-tank missile teams. However, the Russian programme was cancelled and the only known customer is Kazakhstan.

The original BMPT is based on a much-modified hull from a T-72 MBT with a higher roof towards the rear, a new armour package, and a new turret. It has a crew of five, with two gunners sitting either side of the driver who operate the hull-mounted 30 mm automatic grenade launchers (AGLs) that provide suppressive fire across the frontal arc.


The commander and a third gunner operate the turret, which is armed with two 30 mm 2A42 dual-feed cannons, a 7.62 mm machine gun, and four 9M120 Ataka laser-guided missiles mounted in pairs on either side.

These weapons are laid onto the target using a computerised fire control system, with the commander and gunner having stabilised day/thermal sights and a laser rangefinder. Only the gunner can fire the Ataka missiles, which can carry anti-tank or thermobaric warheads.

A new version called the BMPT-72 Terminator 2 was unveiled in 2013. This uses a refurbished T-72 hull, which makes it cheaper to produce than the original, but means it does not have the hull-mounted AGLs and its crew is consequently reduced to three. The most obvious change to the turret is that the Ataka missiles are mounted nearly horizontally in two armoured sponsons, rather than one above the other without protection.

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